Crumbzz Chocolate Sustainable Farming Goal Hits 100%!



Through the Growing Great Chocolate™ programme, our cocoa provider partners up with the cocoa farmer cooperative through our cocoa provider, enabling us to introduce good agricultural practices, improve crop quality, and of course, pay directly so that the farmers are guaranteed a fair price without having to share with middlemen and traders.

Through the partnership, each party mutually commit to work together and improve the quality of the cocoa, the farms and the living standards of farmers and their families.


In farmer field schools, farmers are taught about the complex cocoa processes, from soil management to bean fermentation and drying. The result is clearly visible: crop yields have been increasing year after year. Furthermore, yields of top-grade cocoa beans are rising – the grade Crumbzz requires for its Chocolat de la Terre Crumbzz Cakes and MiniZZ™ Snack Cakes.


Understanding the importance of planting trees, our cocoa provider has established tree nurseries, where they grow cocoa trees and the taller shade trees on which cocoa trees depend to mature properly. Cocoa farmers can buy seedlings of both types at a low price and plant both for tomorrow’s cocoa and ecological diversity.


What exactly do the farmers learn?

In farmer field schools, farmers in the participating cooperatives are trained on better cultivation methods and agricultural practices.

Member farmers learn integral aspects of cocoa farming such as:

  • healthy soil management techniques
  • switching from monoculture to mixed cultivation
  • rejuvenating the plantations with new trees and grafting techniques
  • minimizing chemical use
  • natural pest control
  • weeding and pruning
  • tree rejuvenation
  • crop diversity.

Sound production is the first step towards growing quality cocoa, and improving the crop quality and quantity in these countries sustains both the crops and farmers’ cocoa growing.

How do we guarantee that the price we pay for the cocoa beans is fair?

The cocoa farmer cooperatives can sell their crops to the highest bidder on the market. In this way they get the best price for their cocoa beans. It also allows them to invest in equipment, logistics and other integral elements of the process.

We are proud of the accomplishment our cocoa provider has made in putting together a program that satisfies the Crumbzz fair trade and sustainable farming mission.

J Stephen