Cinnamon May Be Much More Than Just Another Pretty Face!

shutterstock_21076885 copy.jpg

We use plenty of cinnamon in our cakes. Most home bakers don’t realize that there are many different types of cinnamon that produce many different flavors. The finest cinnamon is Saigon Cinnamon and that is the only cinnamon we use. It produces a rich, full bodied flavor that is much improved over the common cinnamon sold in most U.S. stores.

But, did you know that any cinnamon you use boosts metabolism in your fat cells?
In a study, recently published by researchers from the University of Michigan, researchers found that cinnamaldehyde (the base oil that gives cinnamon its flavor) has a direct effect on fat cells in humans.

Their tests confirmed that exposure to cinnamon oil triggered human fat cells to start burning calories through the process known as thermogenesis. In addition, that cinnamaldehyd increased the activity of not only the fat cells but also several genes, enzymes and proteins that are known to enhance fat metabolism.

Fat cells store energy in the form of lipids. This stored energy is used by the body during periods of food shortage, or converted to heat during cold periods.

But in todays society, where we don’t usually run into food shortages or exposure to cold, that same stored energy has nowhere to go and is instead converted into unwanted weight gain. Researchers at the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute, believe that consuming cinnamon on a regular basis may be one way to make fat cells burn some of that excess energy.

Although the study looked not on an actual human bodies but at the fat cells directly, more research will be needed to confirm exactly how cinnamon actually effects the body but the implications of burning some of that excess energy is an exciting find.

So keep that cinnamon shaker busy. It just might help in the battle of the bulge.


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