Question & Answers with Chef J Stephen


As a server, how do you not let rude customers get into your head?

You have to understand a person that exhibits rude behaviour is expecting a reaction to that rude behaviour. The usual reaction is poor service and a bad attitude ( giving them back exactly what they gave you).

Never provide them with what they are expecting. A polite, friendly, business as usual reaction is not what they would expect

Don’t take this as personal. Think of their behaviour as a game, a game where they are expecting one thing and you, as the controller of your own destiny, are going to provide something entirely different. In this battle only YOU control what YOU will do.

By controlling the situation, you win on two levels :

  1. You eliminate any excuse they have to stiff you on the tip
  2. You win the battle of wits by exerting YOUR control over the situation. You, in effect, made THIER game, YOUR game

Have fun, enjoy your job. Make it everything YOU want it to be.

J Stephen


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