Question & Answers with Chef J Stephen


What’s your best advise for a first-time waiter job (I’m a little shy)?

You don’t need to be funny, outgoing or especially talented to be a successful server. In reality the answer to your question is quite simple, make your guests experience special.

How you accomplish that can be achieved in many ways, but if your guests leave feeling you mad their meal a memorable experience, you will do well.


Question & Answers with Chef J Stephen



Let’s say I gave a restaurant my card info while booking a reservation over the phone. If I were to cancel the reservation, would I be charged? Would I only be charged if I didn’t show?


Unless stated at the time of your reservation, most restaurants don’t charge for a cancelled reservation.

However, if you can’t make it at your reserved time, you should ALWAYS cancel your reservation.

Simply not showing up not only complicates a restaurant’s guest schedules and denys the restaurant an opportunity to schedule another guest, but it also results in a charge that negatively affects the restaurants bottom line.

Most diners don’t realise that, because most restaurants use reservation services to handle their reservations, there is a cost associated with every reservation made and completed.

Because reservation services (e.g. Open Table, Seat Me, to name a couple) charge restaurants this fee for every reservation made and COMPLETED through their service, and those services consider a reservation completed if not cancelled, you should ALWAYS make sure you cancel your reservation through the same system you used to make your reservation.