Q & A with Chef J Stephen … Why does restaurant food taste better?


Couples Enjoying wine on patio.jpg


Not sure where you eat but no one was a better cook than my mom. Her pasta dishes were second to none. Yet, dining out was always special to me. Even though home cooks can often be better cooks than famous chefs, there are several reasons beyond the actual meal that may make a meal eaten out seem better.

  1. Uniqueness – First of all food offered in restaurants is usually different from what you get at home. Due to the pressures of coming home and cooking after a long day on the job, home cooks often tend to cook what they know. Familiarity of the dining experience, no matter how good the dish is, breeds boredom with the offering.
  2. Ambiance – Most restaurants provide an atmosphere that is conducive to your enjoyment. Focused on making your meal special, experienced restaurantaurs do everything they can to make your visit special. Presentation, music and decor, are all designed to add to your dining experience.
  3. Social – whether you are an introvert or extrovert, we are social animals by nature. Joining others as you enjoy your meal, whether they be at your table or simply in the dining establishment, adds to our need to share our experiences with others.
  4. Cost – Believe it or not, paying for your meal actually adds to its specialness. The old saying “ The value of nothing is nothing” holds true to dining out. Often, the more you pay, the more special you’ll feel about your dining experience.

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